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age a period of history. [1/8 definitions]
Asian American of or having to do with American people of Asian origin, or their history or culture. [1/2 definitions]
century one of the hundred-year periods into which human history is divided. Centuries are usually counted forward or backward from the beginning of the Christian era. [1/2 definitions]
epoch an important period in human history.
era a period of time in history. An era often begins or ends with an important event.
etymology an account of the roots and history of a word and its meanings.
fate the power that is often believed to decide what will happen in human life or history. [1/2 definitions]
historian one who writes about or is an expert on history.
historic important in history.
historical of or having to do with history. [2 definitions]
homograph a word that has the same spelling as another but a different meaning and history. Homographs are often pronounced differently from each other. In the sentence, "She shed a tear over the tear in her dress," the two words spelled "t-e-a-r" are homographs.
humanity (plural) studies that deal with human thoughts and human culture. The humanities include music, art, history, and literature, but do not include the sciences. [1/3 definitions]
Middle Ages the period of European history between ancient times and the Renaissance, from A.D. 500 to A.D. 1500.
milestone an important event or turning point in history or in a person's life. [1/2 definitions]
museum a building where collections of objects that are important to history, art, or science are kept and shown to the public.
nation a people living in the same region of the world and having a common history, language, and culture. [1/2 definitions]
nationality a people living in the same region of the world and having a common history, language, and culture. [1/2 definitions]
Netherlands a country in northern Europe on the North Sea. According to the constitution, Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. However, the government is located in another city called The Hague. In earlier history, the term "Netherlands" referred to the "Low Countries" of Holland, Luxembourg, and Belgium, which are small, low-lying countries of western Europe located next to the sea.
pageant a public show about events in history or legend.
Paleozoic of, relating to, or belonging to the era in the earth's history from about 540 million years ago to about 250 million years ago. During this time, the first fishes, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and land plants appeared.
past history of a nation. [1/12 definitions]