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adore to honor and worship for being divine. [1/3 definitions]
anoint to honor or make holy by applying oil as part of a religious ceremony.
award to give as a prize or honor. [2/3 definitions]
celebrate to make special or honor with gifts, parties, or activities. [2/3 definitions]
celebration anything that is planned or done in order to honor something. [1/2 definitions]
ceremony a formal act or series of acts done in a particular way to honor a special occasion. [1/2 definitions]
chivalry the qualities expected of an ideal knight during the Middle Ages in Europe. These included courage, honor, politeness, and being prepared to help those in need.
commemorate to honor the memory of.
credit a source of honor. [1/7 definitions]
dame (capitalized) a title of honor given by a British king or queen to a woman who has done something important.
decorate to give a medal or other badge of honor to. [1/2 definitions]
decoration a medal, badge, or ribbon given as a sign of honor. [1/3 definitions]
dedicate to declare (a new building, monument, special event, or the like) to be in honor of a person or divine being. [1/5 definitions]
denial the act of refusing to honor a request. [1/2 definitions]
dinner a formal meal in honor of a person or event. [1/2 definitions]
disgrace loss of respect, honor, or favor; shame. [1/3 definitions]
dishonor loss of honor or reputation. [2 definitions]
distinction honor; excellence. [1/3 definitions]
esteem to have a high opinion of; respect; honor. [1/2 definitions]
face one's honor or self-respect. [1/8 definitions]
glorify to praise, honor, or worship. [1/2 definitions]