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beep a short, high sound that serves as a signal. A beep is made by an electronic device or a car horn. [1/3 definitions]
bugle1 a horn shaped like a trumpet, usually without keys or valves.
cornucopia the mythical horn of a goat that had an endless supply of food; horn of plenty. The cornucopia is used as a symbol of having plenty to eat. [1/2 definitions]
foghorn a loud, deep horn on a ship or on the shore, used in fog or at night to give warning signals.
honk any sound like this, such as the sound of an automobile horn. [2/5 definitions]
hoot a sound like an owl's cry, such as the sound of a car horn. [1/6 definitions]
toot to make the quick, short sound of a horn or whistle. [2/3 definitions]
unicorn a mythical animal having the body of a horse and a single, long horn extending from its forehead.