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bacteria microscopic organisms that often play a role in the decay of living things, the process of fermentation, and sometimes in causing disease. Bacteria are each made up of only one cell, but different kinds of bacteria can take different shapes. These organisms live in all parts of the earth including oceans, deserts, glaciers, hot springs, and in the bodies of most living things. While some kinds of bacteria are dangerous, most kinds are useful because they help in the digestion of food, in the making of soil, in the creation of medicines, and in many other natural processes.
balloon a large bag made of thin material designed to inflate and be lifted off the ground when filled with hot air or a gas that is lighter than air. [1/3 definitions]
blowtorch a small device that makes a very hot, small flame for melting or cutting metal.
brand a burn mark made on cattle or other animals with a hot iron to show who the owner is. [2/4 definitions]
broil1 to cause (something) to become extremely hot or to burn, especially at the top surface. [1/2 definitions]
Bunsen burner a burner that has holes at the bottom where air enters, mixes with gas, and makes a hot blue flame. Bunsen burners are used in laboratory experiments.
burn to be very hot. [1/8 definitions]
cactus a thick-stemmed, often prickly plant without conventional leaves that grows in hot, dry areas of America.
fiery like fire; very hot or red. [1/3 definitions]
flue a hollow pipe inside a chimney that lets hot or cold air, smoke, or steam escape to the outside.
frank2 (informal) frankfurter; hot dog.
fry1 to cook in hot butter, oil, or other fat. [1/2 definitions]
geyser a spring that shoots a stream of hot water, steam, or mud into the air from time to time.
glow a steady light, especially the light given off by something very hot. [2/6 definitions]
heat to cause to become warm or hot (often followed by "up"). [2/4 definitions]
hot dog a hot, cooked sausage, sometimes called a frankfurter, eaten in a long, soft roll. [1/2 definitions]
inflammation a small area of tissue that is hot, red, swollen, and sore because of infection or injury.
jet propulsion a way of giving aircraft and some small ships the power to move forward. Jet propulsion forces air and hot gases under high pressure to go through a jet nozzle.
kettle a kettle with a spout used to make and then pour tea or other hot drinks. [1/2 definitions]
lava hot, melted rock that erupts from a volcano. [2 definitions]
magma hot, liquid matter beneath the earth's surface that cools to form igneous rock. Magma that reaches the earth's surface, as when a volcano erupts, is called lava.