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breadwinner a member of a family or household who earns money to support the other members.
butler a man who works in a household as head servant.
grocer a person who sells food and other supplies for household use.
grocery a store where food and other household supplies are sold; grocery store. [1/2 definitions]
grocery store a store in which food and other supplies for the household are sold. A grocery store can be a small shop in one's neighborhood or a large supermarket.
house the people who live in such a building; household. [1/6 definitions]
household of or relating to a household. [1/2 definitions]
housewife a married woman whose main work is taking care of the cooking, cleaning, and other duties of her family's household.
housework the work of taking care of a household, especially cleaning inside the house.
supermarket a large store that carries a wide variety of food and household items.