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abuse to hurt or harm by treating badly. [1/6 definitions]
ache to hurt with a dull, constant pain. [1/3 definitions]
animal rights a movement that works for the rights of animals. People in favor of animal rights believe that animals should not be hurt or killed just to make the lives of humans easier.
assault the crime of attempting or threatening to hurt another person. [1/4 definitions]
attack an act meant to hurt or destroy. [1/5 definitions]
bully1 to frighten or hurt. [1/2 definitions]
burn to sting or hurt sharply. [2/8 definitions]
casualty a person who is hurt or killed in an accident. [1/2 definitions]
delicate easy to break or hurt. [1/5 definitions]
diplomatic careful not to anger people or hurt their feelings. [1/2 definitions]
endangered at risk of becoming seriously hurt or killed. [1/2 definitions]
first aid emergency medical help given to a hurt or sick person while waiting for a doctor.
harm injury or hurt. [2/3 definitions]
hospital a place where sick or hurt people go to find care or help.
injured showing hurt feelings. [1/2 definitions]
jam1 to hurt by strong, sudden pressure. [1/8 definitions]
maim to hurt badly by destroying a part of the body or making it useless.
maul to hurt by beating or through other rough treatment. [1/2 definitions]
offensive causing anger or hurt feelings. [1/4 definitions]
pain physical hurt or discomfort that is usually caused by injury or illness. Pain is the nervous system's way of telling the brain that something is wrong. [4/5 definitions]
poison to give poison to; use poison to hurt or kill. [1/5 definitions]