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brother-in-law the brother of one's husband or wife. [2 definitions]
dowry the money or other property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage.
father-in-law the father of a person's wife or husband.
marry to take in marriage; take as one's husband or wife. [2 definitions]
mate1 a marriage partner; husband or wife. [1/6 definitions]
mother-in-law the mother of a person's husband or wife.
sister-in-law the sister of one's husband or wife. [1/2 definitions]
spouse a husband or wife in a marriage.
stepdad (informal) the husband of one's mother but who is not one's father by birth; stepfather.
stepdaughter the daughter of one's husband or wife from an earlier marriage.
stepfather the husband of one's mother, who may act as a father but is not one's natural father.
stepson the son of one's husband or wife from an earlier marriage.
wed to take as husband or wife in a ceremony; marry. [1/3 definitions]
widow a woman whose husband has died and who has not married again. [1/2 definitions]