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ail to be ill or feel sick. [1/2 definitions]
airsick feeling sick or dizzy because of air travel; feeling ill due to flying.
ambulance a vehicle used to carry ill or injured people to a hospital.
bile ill temper or anger. [1/2 definitions]
caretaker a person who takes care of another person who is ill or elderly. [1/2 definitions]
catch to become ill with. [1/13 definitions]
dietitian a person who is trained to plan healthful meals for both ill and healthy people.
embarrass to make uncomfortable or ill at ease.
foe one who wishes ill on another; personal enemy.
illness the condition of being ill; sickness. [1/2 definitions]
infirm weak or ill, as from old age.
invalid1 a person who is ill or disabled.
malice the wish to harm others; ill will.
out of sorts (informal) rather ill. [1/2 definitions]
poisonous full of ill will or evil feelings. [1/3 definitions]
rally1 to recover quickly after being weak, ill, or hurt by loss. [1/5 definitions]
recuperate to become healthy again after being ill.
sulk (sometimes plural) anger or ill humor shown by sulking. [1/2 definitions]
under the weather (informal) slightly ill or unhappy.
unhealthy in bad health; ill. [1/2 definitions]
unlucky marked by or involving ill fortune or bad luck. [2 definitions]