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conspiracy a secret agreement among two or more people to do something wrong or illegal; plot.
conspire to plan secretly to do something wrong or illegal with another person or people.
corruption activity that is not honest, especially secret, illegal activity.
outlaw to make illegal or prohibit. [1/2 definitions]
plot1 a secret plan that has an illegal or dangerous purpose. [2/4 definitions]
red-handed in the act of doing something wrong or illegal.
scandal a reported behavior or event that is illegal or considered morally wrong and which causes strongly negative public reaction.
tow truck a truck that can lift another car or truck partly off the ground and pull it along behind itself. If a vehicle breaks down or is left in an illegal place, a tow truck may come and take it away.
traffic to buy or sell, especially something that is illegal. [1/4 definitions]
unlawful not allowed by law; illegal.