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act up to happen again or return, as an illness or malfunction. [1/2 definitions]
ailment a sickness or disorder; illness.
amnesia partial or complete loss of memory as a result of an injury to the brain, illness, or shock.
asylum a place for the care of those who are not able to care for themselves, such as children without parents, people with mental illness, or the very old. [1/3 definitions]
attack a sudden beginning of a disease or illness. [1/5 definitions]
chronic tending to a certain behavior or illness over a long time or without stopping. [1/2 definitions]
cough to release air noisily from the lungs. A cough results from illness or from breathing in foreign matter. [2/4 definitions]
crazy (informal) having a mental illness; insane. [1/4 definitions]
diagnosis the act or process of finding out the nature of an illness or injury by examining its signs and symptoms. [1/2 definitions]
disability the condition or state of being unable to do certain things, especially when caused by an injury, illness, or other medical condition. [1/2 definitions]
disease a condition that causes harm to the health of a person, animal, or plant; illness; sickness.
disgust to cause strong dislike or illness in. [1/2 definitions]
exposure contact with something, such as a chemical or germ, that may cause physical damage or illness. [1/6 definitions]
fever a body temperature higher than normal that is usually caused by illness. [1/2 definitions]
fit2 a sudden attack, outbreak, or convulsion related to an illness. [1/2 definitions]
germ a microscopic organism that causes illness. Bacteria and viruses that cause diseases are called germs. [1/2 definitions]
hoarse having a rough and weak sound because of illness or too much use. [1/2 definitions]
infection an illness caused by germs. [1/3 definitions]
mental of, or having to do with an illness of the mind. [1/3 definitions]
normal having a healthy mind; without mental or emotional illness. [1/4 definitions]
pain physical hurt or discomfort that is usually caused by injury or illness. Pain is the nervous system's way of telling the brain that something is wrong. [1/5 definitions]