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CAT scan an image of an area of the body that is formed from a grouping of x-rays on a computer. CAT scans are used to make a diagnosis in medical treatment. CAT stands for computerized axial tomography.
develop to treat with chemicals so as to create a photographic image. [1/6 definitions]
engraving an image printed by using an engraved surface. [1/2 definitions]
expose to allow light to reach in order to make a photographic image. [1/3 definitions]
facsimile an electronic method of sending images, or an image sent by this means. [1/2 definitions]
focus An adjustment that gives a clear image of things viewed through a lens. [2/6 definitions]
graphic a picture, diagram, or other image used as an illustration. [1/3 definitions]
icon an image, likeness, or symbol. [2/3 definitions]
idea any thought, belief, picture, or image that is formed in the mind. [1/4 definitions]
idol a statue or image of a god that is used as an object of worship. [1/2 definitions]
imagination the act or power of the mind to form a thought, picture, or image of something or someone that is not present to the senses.
imagine to form in the mind a thought, picture, or image of. [1/2 definitions]
lens a clear part of the eye that brings together the rays of light needed for sight. The lens focuses rays of light so that they form an image inside the eye on the retina. [1/3 definitions]
mirror a smooth surface that reflects an image of whatever is in front of it. A mirror is usually made of glass with a coat of shiny metal on the back. [1/2 definitions]
negative a photographic image on which light areas of the original subject appear dark and dark areas appear light. [1/6 definitions]
photograph a picture made by using a camera that records an image on a surface that is sensitive to light. [1/2 definitions]
picture a description or mental image. [2/7 definitions]
pixel one of the tiny dots of light that make up an image on a computer or television screen. A pixel is the smallest unit of a video image. The word "pixel" is a shortened form of the phrase "picture element".
print to transfer a photograph to paper by means of light sent through a negative image. [1/8 definitions]
projector a machine for projecting an image onto a screen by casting a beam of light through photographic film.
reflect to throw back an image of; mirror. [1/5 definitions]