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advocate to speak or act in favor of. [2 definitions]
animal rights a movement that works for the rights of animals. People in favor of animal rights believe that animals should not be hurt or killed just to make the lives of humans easier.
argument a reason in favor of or against something. [1/2 definitions]
champion someone who speaks or acts in favor of a person or cause. [2/3 definitions]
for in favor of. [1/12 definitions]
pro1 a reason in favor of something.
progressive in favor of social progress or change. [1/4 definitions]
radical in favor of extreme changes in government or society. [1/4 definitions]
socialist a person who works in favor of or practices socialism.
uphold to support or decide in favor of, when faced with a challenge. [1/2 definitions]
yes a vote in favor of something; aye. [1/4 definitions]