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apartment building a building in which there are a number of individual apartments.
curl an individual ring of hair. [1/6 definitions]
death the end of life in any living thing, or the end of the life of a particular individual. [1/2 definitions]
egg1 a cell in a female animal or in some kinds of plants that can develop into a new individual after it is fertilized. [1/2 definitions]
hacker someone who is able to use a computer to get into carefully protected computer systems owned by a government, business, or individual. [1/2 definitions]
illness a particular disease that can affect many people, or a particular sickness in an individual. [1/2 definitions]
organism an individual living thing, such as a plant, an animal, or a germ.
originality the ability to think or act in a new way or as an individual. [1/2 definitions]
personally as a person or individual. [1/4 definitions]
piece an individual item of a certain kind of thing. [1/5 definitions]
separate individual. [1/9 definitions]
single considered as a separate or individual thing. [1/8 definitions]