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abscess a sore that forms within the tissues of the body and is filled with pus. Abscesses can be caused by an infection.
appendicitis a painful infection of the appendix.
athlete's foot a common foot infection caused by fungi. Athlete's foot makes the skin itch and look scaly.
boil2 a swollen, painful sore that is filled with pus. A boil is an infection caused by bacteria.
infectious able to be given to others by infection. [2 definitions]
inflammation a small area of tissue that is hot, red, swollen, and sore because of infection or injury.
leprosy a disease of the skin and nerves caused by infection. People with leprosy have sores on their skin and lose feeling in their bodies. They sometimes lose fingers and toes.
septic causing or able to cause infection. [1/2 definitions]
temperature a higher than normal body temperature caused by infection or illness; fever. [1/3 definitions]