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adverse causing harm or injury; bad; damaging. [1/2 definitions]
amnesia partial or complete loss of memory as a result of an injury to the brain, illness, or shock.
bandage a strip of cloth used to protect or cover a wound or other injury. [1/2 definitions]
bite a wound or injury from being bitten. [1/9 definitions]
blister a swollen area of skin that is filled with liquid. A blister is caused by a burn or other injury. [1/4 definitions]
bloodshed the spilling of blood through injury or violence.
bruise an injury that does not cause a break in the skin or bone but usually causes a dark blue or purple mark to appear on the skin. [1/3 definitions]
burn an injury caused by heat. [1/8 definitions]
coma1 a long, deep state of being unconscious, caused by disease or injury.
concussion an injury to the brain caused by a heavy blow, fall, or shock. [1/2 definitions]
cripple a person or animal that cannot use a part of its body because of a disease or injury. [2/3 definitions]
damage harm or injury that makes something less useful or valuable. [1/2 definitions]
danger something that causes harm or injury. [1/2 definitions]
diagnosis the act or process of finding out the nature of an illness or injury by examining its signs and symptoms. [1/2 definitions]
disability the condition or state of being unable to do certain things, especially when caused by an injury, illness, or other medical condition. [1/2 definitions]
enemy something likely to cause harm or injury. [1/3 definitions]
harm injury or hurt. [1/3 definitions]
hurt a pain or injury. [1/6 definitions]
inflammation a small area of tissue that is hot, red, swollen, and sore because of infection or injury.
medicine a drug or other substance used to treat a disease, injury, pain, or other symptoms. [2 definitions]
on the mend getting better after an injury.