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arbitrary resulting from personal opinions, wishes, or feelings instead of from a rule or reason.
biscuit a small, round-shaped bread for one person made with baking powder or baking soda instead of yeast. Biscuits are not usually sweet. [1/3 definitions]
blue whale a mammal that lives in the ocean. Blue whales are the largest kind of animal that has ever lived. They can grow up to 100 feet long and weigh up to 150 tons. Their large mouths have baleen instead of teeth. Blue whales use baleen to filter lots of very small food such as shrimp from ocean water.
capitalism an economic system in which land, factories, and other resources are owned by individuals instead of the government. In this system, the prices of things we buy are decided by the people who sell them and not by the government.
chrysalis the hard outside covering on a moth or butterfly while it is a pupa, the stage before it becomes an adult with wings. Many kinds of moths and butterflies make a chrysalis instead of a cocoon. Chrysalis is also sometimes used as another name for the pupa itself.
cleaning clothing that is taken to a dry-cleaning store instead of being washed at home.
felt2 a cloth made of wool or other animal fibers that have been pressed instead of woven together.
give away to give for free instead of selling; give as a gift. [1/2 definitions]
liar a person who tells lies instead of the truth.
lip-read to understand by looking at a speaker's lips instead of by hearing the words.
moon the earth's natural satellite. It revolves around the earth from west to east in about 28 days. The moon joins the earth in its orbit around the sun. The moon does not give off light. Instead, its shine comes from the light it reflects from the sun. [1/2 definitions]
musical a play or movie in which characters at times perform songs instead of speaking their parts. [1/5 definitions]
nasal sounding as if spoken by pushing air up through the nose instead of the mouth. [1/2 definitions]
oleomargarine a food like butter made from vegetable oil instead of milk; margarine.
roadrunner a fast North American bird that moves about on the ground instead of flying. The roadrunner has a long tail, a crest, and streaked feathers.
seal2 a mammal that spends most of its life in the ocean. Seals are a kind of pinniped, or mammal with flippers instead of feet. Various kinds of seals live in both warm and cold parts of the world's oceans. A few kinds live in fresh water. Seals are carnivores that eat fish and sea birds. They are closely related to sea lions and walruses.
sea lion a mammal that spends most of its life in the ocean. Sea lions are a kind of pinniped, or mammal with flippers instead of feet. Various kinds of sea lions live on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean. Sea lions are carnivores that eat fish and squid. They are closely related to seals and walruses.
social living in groups or communities instead of alone. [1/5 definitions]
synthetic made with chemicals formed in a laboratory instead of something found in nature; man-made; artificial. [1/2 definitions]
tank a large vehicle used by the military that has armor and heavy guns. A tank moves on two continuous metal belts instead of wheels. [1/3 definitions]
title a word used with or instead of a name to show a person's position, rank, or occupation. [1/5 definitions]