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BASIC a beginning computer language. BASIC stands for "beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code."
command an instruction meant to be obeyed; order. [2/7 definitions]
grade a division made by age to group school children for instruction, or the children who belong to such a division. [1/7 definitions]
lesson a period of instruction in a particular thing, or something that is intended to be learned or studied. [1/2 definitions]
obey to follow or carry out the command, instruction, or wishes of. [1/3 definitions]
synagogue a place used by Jews for worship and religious instruction.
training instruction and practice that prepares a person or animal to do a job, have a skill, or play a sport.
tuition instruction or teaching at a college or private school. [1/2 definitions]
tutor a person who gives private instruction to a student. [1/2 definitions]
under subject to the instruction or guidance of. [1/15 definitions]