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action lively or intense activity. [1/6 definitions]
agony great or intense pain and suffering in the mind or body, usually over a long period of time.
blaze1 an intense display of color. [1/4 definitions]
deaden to make less painful or intense.
deep the most intense period. [1/7 definitions]
fever a state of intense excitement or activity. [1/2 definitions]
flare to come into being suddenly or become stronger and more intense (often followed by "up"). [1/5 definitions]
heighten to make stronger or more intense; add to. [1/3 definitions]
intensify to make stronger, more acute, or more intense. [2 definitions]
intensity the quality of being intense. [1/2 definitions]
keen1 felt strongly; eager; intense. [1/3 definitions]
light2 not heavy, full, intense, or powerful. [1/4 definitions]
mortal great and very intense; terrible and continuing. [1/5 definitions]
rage to act or talk violently or with intense anger. [1/3 definitions]
severe very strong or intense. [1/3 definitions]
shine to show or give off in a clear or intense way. [1/8 definitions]
shock1 to disturb suddenly, in a way that causes intense surprise, upset, or disgust. [1/6 definitions]
strong intense. [1/7 definitions]
subdued restrained in emotion, spirit, or intensity.
wind down to become less strong or intense. [1/2 definitions]