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absorption the state of having all of one's interest and attention taken up by one activity. [1/2 definitions]
addict one who very much enjoys a hobby or interest and spends a lot of time and energy on it. [1/3 definitions]
aloof showing little interest in or desire to be involved with other people; distant.
amuse to hold the interest of in a pleasant way; entertain. [1/2 definitions]
apathy lack of interest or feeling.
appeal the ability to attract interest and attention. [2/6 definitions]
association a group of people joined together for a common purpose or by a shared interest. [1/4 definitions]
beside the point not important to the main object of interest or discussion.
blank without expression, interest, or feeling. [1/6 definitions]
bond a feeling or shared interest that brings people together. [2/4 definitions]
bulletin an announcement or report of the latest events or things of current interest. [1/2 definitions]
careless showing a lack of planning, thought, or interest. [1/2 definitions]
center a place, person, or thing that is the main object of attention or interest. [1/7 definitions]
disinterested not having a personal interest in or opinion about something.
domain an area of knowledge, interest, or activity. [1/2 definitions]
energy eager interest; liveliness. [1/3 definitions]
engage to get or hold the interest of; occupy. [1/4 definitions]
engross to take all the attention of; interest fully.
enthusiasm a strong interest or excitement in connection with something. [2 definitions]
enthusiastic having or showing great interest.
excitement something that stimulates or causes much interest. [1/2 definitions]