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afire very interested. [1/2 definitions]
blog a journal posted on a website that someone regularly write entries in. When people have a blog, they write about personal experiences or opinions, or about particular topics they have special knowledge of or are interested in. The word "blog" is a short form of "Web log."
bloodthirsty eager to cause or interested in acts of bloodshed; cruel.
boredom the state of being bored or of not feeling interested.
burn out to become extremely tired and no longer interested in doing something. [1/2 definitions]
cause an idea or goal that many are interested in. [1/4 definitions]
concerned involved or interested. [1/2 definitions]
earth science Earth science is the study of the planet Earth. Earth science is especially interested in what the planet is composed of, its weather, and how the planet developed and continues to change over time. Many different sciences, such as geology and meteorology--the study of weather--are part of earth science.
entertain to amuse; keep interested. [1/3 definitions]
fair2 a gathering to show products to people interested in buying. [1/2 definitions]
fan2 a person who is very interested in a sport or a performing art, or in a person who does that activity.
fanatic interested or enthusiastic to an extreme point. [1/2 definitions]
fascinated extremely charmed or interested.
feedback the opinions, corrections, or comments that are made after being presented with something. Such comments have been asked for by someone who is interested in knowing whether the thing presented is acceptable, helpful, or successful. [1/2 definitions]
hacker (informal) someone who is expert at correcting computer programs and is seen as a person interested only in computers. [1/2 definitions]
newsgroup a discussion group on a computer network such as the Internet in which people leave messages for each other on topics they are all interested in.
outgoing liking to talk to and interested in others. [1/2 definitions]
rest on one's laurels to be content with what one has done in the past and not interested in trying to achieve more.
square (informal) not interested in anything new; old-fashioned. [1/22 definitions]