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almanac a book of interesting and useful facts about many different subjects. [1/2 definitions]
anecdote a short tale about a funny or interesting event.
bored feeling tired or restless because of having to do something that is not interesting.
boring2 dull; not interesting or exciting.
challenge an interesting or difficult problem or task. [1/6 definitions]
climax the most exciting or interesting point in a series of events. [1/2 definitions]
colorful lively; interesting. [1/2 definitions]
curious interesting because unusual or strange. [1/2 definitions]
dry not interesting; boring. [1/8 definitions]
dull not interesting or lively; boring. [1/7 definitions]
exotic very unusual and interesting. [1/2 definitions]
fascinating extremely interesting or enchanting; spellbinding.
feature to present as something especially interesting or important. [1/4 definitions]
history an interesting record of past events, especially having to do with a person, place, thing, or family. [1/4 definitions]
irony contrast that is usually interesting or surprising between what one would normally expect and what the real thing or situation is.
monotonous not interesting because of having to do the same thing over and over.
picturesque as pleasing or interesting to look at as a picture or painting.
sightseeing the act or hobby of visiting and seeing interesting places; touring. [1/2 definitions]
talk show a radio or television program in which a host talks with famous or interesting people. On a talk show, questions may be taken from people in the listening or viewing audience.