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cyberbully a person who posts hurtful electronic messages on the internet with the intent of bullying another person.
digital citizen a person who uses the internet to connect with society and the world. Digital citizens often use the internet to do things like getting and sending messages, posting or displaying information, playing games, or shopping.
internet the world's largest computer network, which is made of millions of computers that are linked together. Some parts of the internet are the World Wide Web, electronic mail, and chat rooms.
newbie (informal) someone who is learning to use the Internet.
newsgroup a discussion group on a computer network such as the Internet in which people leave messages for each other on topics they are all interested in.
slash a punctuation mark (/). It has the meaning of "or" as in "and/or" or "per" as in "miles/hour." This mark is also used to show division in math and to separate parts of an internet address. [1/5 definitions]
uniform resource locator an address identifying the location of a file on the Internet, commonly called a URL. A URL consists of the computer on which the file is located and the file's location on that computer.
World Wide Web a part of the Internet. The World Wide Web is made of documents called "pages" that are linked to each other.