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a2 used to introduce one particular thing or person of a group or kind, but one which is not considered known to the listener. [1/3 definitions]
acquaint to introduce or make familiar (usually followed by "with").
be used to introduce a command to act in a certain way. [1/8 definitions]
colon1 a punctuation mark (:). It is used to introduce a series, quotation, or explanation. [1/2 definitions]
do1 used to introduce a question. [1/10 definitions]
following about to be named or listed (used to introduce a group of things or people). [1/4 definitions]
inject to introduce into by force or pressure with a needle. [2 definitions]
introductory serving to introduce.
nor used to introduce a negative statement, especially after a phrase using "neither." [1/2 definitions]
present2 to introduce in a formal way. [1/5 definitions]
P.S. written to introduce a note added to a letter that is below the writer's signature. P.S. is an abbreviation for postscript.
that which, who, whom (used to introduce a clause that describes or defines the thing or person just mentioned.) [3/9 definitions]
whether used to introduce one choice or alternative. [2 definitions]
which used as a relative pronoun to introduce information that tells what specific thing you are talking about; that. [1/7 definitions]
who used as a relative pronoun to introduce extra information in connection with the person just mentioned. [1/4 definitions]