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Gaelic the language of Ireland that has been spoken since before English began to be spoken there. Gaelic in Ireland is called simply "Irish" or "Irish Gaelic." [1/2 definitions]
Ireland an island in western Europe. Ireland is in the northern Atlantic Ocean, west of Great Britain. [2 definitions]
Irish of or having to do with Ireland, or its people, culture, or language. [3 definitions]
Northern Ireland a division of the United Kingdom, in the northeastern part of the island of Ireland. Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland.
penny The smaller unit of money in the United Kingdom and Ireland. [1/2 definitions]
pound2 the main unit of money of the United Kingdom and Ireland. [1/2 definitions]
Saint Patrick's Day a holiday on March 17 every year celebrated by the Irish in honor of the most important saint of Ireland. In the United States, Saint Patrick's Day is also a day to honor Ireland itself or to celebrate having come from Ireland. Because the color green is a symbol of Ireland, many people where green on this holiday.
shamrock a clover plant with leaves that have three parts. It is the national emblem of Ireland.
United Kingdom a nation in northwestern Europe on the islands of Great Britain and Ireland and made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland (usually used with "the"). London is the capital of the United Kingdom.