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action the manner of a mechanism's moving or operating, or the mechanism itself. [1/6 definitions]
AIDS a serious disease caused by a virus that stops the body from being able to protect itself from other diseases. AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
auto- a prefix that means done by oneself or itself.
automatic working or operating by itself. [1/2 definitions]
borough a town that governs itself. [1/2 definitions]
burger a sandwich made with cooked ground beef that has been made into a flat, round shape, or the flat, round patty of ground meat itself. [2 definitions]
chrysalis the hard outside covering on a moth or butterfly while it is a pupa, the stage before it becomes an adult with wings. Many kinds of moths and butterflies make a chrysalis instead of a cocoon. Chrysalis is also sometimes used as another name for the pupa itself.
circulation the number of copies of a newspaper or magazine that are sold at a given time, or the selling itself. [1/3 definitions]
computer virus a code added to a computer program that can attach itself to and seriously damage other programs.
cranberry a shrub that bears a sour, red berry, or the berry itself. Cranberries grow in wet ground in North America.
cube1 The product of a number multiplied by itself twice. [2/5 definitions]
display in computers, the screen on which information is shown, or the information itself. [1/5 definitions]
fold1 to bend over upon itself so that one section lies on or against another section. [1/8 definitions]
Greenland the largest island in the world, located in the north Atlantic Ocean. Greenland is a part of North America. The island belongs to the country of Denmark, but recently it has gained the right to govern itself in some ways. Nuuk is the capital of Greenland.
greet to make itself seen or heard by. [1/3 definitions]
icon an image or picture of a religious figure which is itself seen as holy by some Christian churches. [1/3 definitions]
interview a conversation between a reporter and a person who will be the subject of the report, or the report itself. [1/3 definitions]
liftoff the moment of launching a missile or rocket, or the movement of the rocket itself.
lone set off by itself; isolated. [1/3 definitions]
loop the rounded shape made when a piece of string, ribbon, or rope is folded back on itself. [1/5 definitions]
magnet an object that has the power to pull items made of iron toward itself.