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coat the jacket that one wears with a suit. [1/5 definitions]
hood a covering for the head and neck, often attached to a coat, jacket, or robe. [1/3 definitions]
lapel a front part of a coat or jacket that goes down the chest from the collar and is folded back.
life jacket a life preserver in the form of a vest or jacket with no sleeves.
pajamas a loose jacket and pants worn for sleeping.
parka a warm jacket with a hood.
skirt the part of a piece of clothing such as a dress or jacket that hangs down from the waist. [1/4 definitions]
smock a loose, light jacket, coat, or other similar garment, that is worn over clothing to protect it from soil, paint, or damage.
suit a set of clothes with a jacket and trousers or a skirt made of the same material and color. [1/5 definitions]
sweater a knitted shirt, pullover, or jacket.
tuxedo a complete suit of evening clothes for men that are worn on very formal occasions. A tuxedo consists of a black jacket with tails at the back, black trousers with a side stripe, and a special white shirt. It is worn with a bow tie.
vest a piece of clothing that has no sleeves, ends at the waist, and is worn over a shirt or blouse and sometimes under a jacket. [1/3 definitions]