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amber a hard, yellow or brown material that is used to make jewelry. It is a fossil that comes from the resin of pine trees. [1/2 definitions]
amethyst a purple gem used in jewelry. Amethyst is a kind of quartz.
brooch a piece of jewelry attached to clothing with a pin or clasp.
diamond a clear mineral that is a crystal form of pure carbon. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known. They are used in making jewelry and as tools for cutting hard materials. [1/5 definitions]
earring a piece of jewelry worn on the earlobe.
emerald a clear green stone that is used in jewelry. [1/2 definitions]
garnet a common type of hard mineral that can have a variety of colors and includes the dark red stone often used in jewelry.
gold a mixture of metals that contains gold and is used to make coins, jewelry, and decorations. [1/7 definitions]
jade1 a hard green stone or the jewelry or works of art made from it.
jewel a special stone that has been cut and made smooth; gem. Jewels are used to make jewelry and ornaments. [1/2 definitions]
jeweler a person who makes, fixes, or sells gems or jewelry.
necklace jewelry worn around the neck. A necklace can be made of beads, precious stones, metals, or other materials.
pin a button, or piece of jewelry that fastens to clothing by using such a pointed piece of wire. [1/6 definitions]
platinum a soft, heavy, silver-white metal that is one of the chemical elements. Platinum is very valuable and is used in making jewelry. It can be combined with other metals to form alloys. (symbol: Pt)
ruby a valuable, deep red stone used in making jewelry. [1/2 definitions]
silver a shiny white metal that is soft and easy to shape. Silver is one of the chemical elements. It is used in making jewelry, coins, and table utensils. (symbol: Ag) [1/7 definitions]
sterling fine silver used in making dishes, silverware, and jewelry. [1/4 definitions]
topaz a clear, crystal stone that is yellow or brown and used in jewelry.
trinket a small piece of jewelry or other object used for decoration, usually inexpensive. [1/2 definitions]
turquoise a blue or bluish green mineral that is cut and polished for use in jewelry. [1/2 definitions]
valuable (usually plural) something worth a lot of money, such as a piece of jewelry. [1/3 definitions]