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adventure a journey or activity that is dangerous or exciting. [1/2 definitions]
en route during the journey; on or along the way.
errand the purpose for taking a short journey. [1/2 definitions]
expedition a journey taken for a reason, or a group taking such a trip.
leg a specific distance in a journey or race. [1/4 definitions]
passage a journey by water. [1/4 definitions]
ride an act of riding or a journey on an animal or in a vehicle. [1/5 definitions]
stop to pause for a short visit during a course or journey (often followed by "at," "in," or "by"). [1/10 definitions]
tour to journey from place to place. [2/5 definitions]
travel to journey from place to place. [2/5 definitions]
trip the act of traveling; a journey. [2/5 definitions]
voyage a long journey by air, land, sea, or outer space. [2 definitions]