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appraise to judge the quality or nature of. [1/2 definitions]
bench the position or job of being a judge. [1/4 definitions]
blind to make unable to judge well or think sensibly. [1/7 definitions]
courtroom a room in which legal cases are heard before a judge.
critic a person whose work is to judge and write opinions about music, movies, plays, art, and literature. [1/2 definitions]
criticize to judge what is good or bad in. [1/2 definitions]
discriminate to judge or treat someone unfairly because he or she belongs to a particular group or category of people (usually followed by "against"). [1/2 definitions]
evaluate to judge the level or value of. [2 definitions]
evaluation a careful study of something in order to judge it or measure it. [1/2 definitions]
gauge to make an estimate of; judge. [1/6 definitions]
gavel a small wooden hammer. It is used by a judge or someone in charge of a meeting or auction to get attention, call for order, or signal a sale.
gown a long, loose piece of clothing, such as a nightgown or the robe worn by a judge or minister. [1/2 definitions]
jury a group of people formed to judge a contest or competition. [1/2 definitions]
justice a person whose job is to decide questions brought before a court; judge. [1/3 definitions]
miscalculate to calculate or judge incorrectly.
opinion advice or a judgment by an expert or professional, such as a doctor, lawyer, or judge. [1/3 definitions]
perspective the ability to understand the relationships between things and to judge the importance of each. [1/3 definitions]
reckon (informal) to expect or judge that. [1/2 definitions]
sense a particular ability to understand or judge. [1/9 definitions]
testimony a statement made under oath before a judge in a court of law. [1/2 definitions]
think to use one's mind to judge or reason about a matter. [1/9 definitions]