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brandy a strong alcoholic drink that is made with fermented fruit juice or wine.
cider the juice pressed out of apples, used for drinking.
cocktail1 a drink made with alcohol and juice, soda, or other beverages. [2 definitions]
concentrate something in concentrated form, such as juice or flavoring. [1/5 definitions]
gelatin a dessert made with gelatin, water, fruit juice or flavoring, and sugar. [1/2 definitions]
gravy a sauce made from the juice that drips from cooking meat.
jelly a soft food made from fruit juice and sugar. It is usually spread on bread or toast. [1/2 definitions]
juicy having a great amount of juice.
lemon a small citrus fruit with yellow skin and sour juice. [1/3 definitions]
lemonade a drink made from lemon juice, sugar, and water.
mayonnaise a thick dressing of oil, vinegar or lemon juice, seasonings, and egg yolks. Mayonnaise is used in salads, sandwiches, and other dishes.
milk a white liquid or juice produced by certain plants. [1/5 definitions]
orangeade a soft drink made with orange juice or orange flavoring.
pitcher1 a container with a handle and spout, used to hold and pour milk, juice, or other liquids.
sherbet a frozen dessert made mainly of fruit juice, sugar, and gelatin.
sour having a tart or acid taste like lemon juice or vinegar. [1/7 definitions]
wine the juice of grapes that has been fermented and contains alcohol.