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bail out (informal) to jump from an airplane with a parachute.
bounce a sudden spring or jump. [1/4 definitions]
dance to jump or skip along in excitement. [1/7 definitions]
flea a tiny insect that does not have wings but can jump far. Fleas feed on the blood of the animals they bite.
free-fall the first stage of a parachute jump, before the parachute opens.
high jump a contest in which each person jumps over a bar which is raised after each successful jump.
hop1 to jump or skip on one foot only. [3/4 definitions]
hopscotch a children's game in which players toss a stone onto a pattern of numbered squares drawn on the ground. The players then hop or jump from square to square, picking up the stone as they move.
impala an African antelope with long legs and reddish brown fur. Male impalas have long, curved horns. Impalas can jump up to ten feet in the air, higher than any other kind of antelope.
jump rope a rope held at each end and swung under the feet and over the head as a person jumps. Jump ropes are used for exercise or as a game.
leap an act or instance of leaping; quick jump. [1/3 definitions]
plunge to dive or jump. [1/4 definitions]
pounce to jump or swoop down in order to grab or take something. [1/2 definitions]
skip to jump forward lightly by sliding and hopping on one foot and then the other. [3/8 definitions]
spring to move upward quickly or suddenly; jump. [2/12 definitions]
tiddlywinks (used with a singular verb) a table game in which the players press large plastic disks against the edges of small ones in order to make the small ones jump into a cup.
vault2 to jump, leap, or spring over, using the hands or a pole as a support. [2 definitions]