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anchor a heavy object that is dropped from a boat or ship by a cable to keep the vessel from moving. [2/4 definitions]
arrest to attract and keep hold of. [1/4 definitions]
avert to keep from happening; prevent. [1/2 definitions]
avoid to keep away from.
bar1 to keep out. [1/10 definitions]
baste2 to keep moist with a liquid during cooking.
beaten not able to keep going; discouraged. [1/3 definitions]
beaver1 a large rodent, up to four feet long, with thick brown fur and a wide flat tail. Beavers use their long front teeth to cut down trees for food and to build dams and lodges (beaver houses). They use the dams to keep water around their lodges. Beavers live in North America, Europe, and Asia.
breed to keep for mating and reproduction. [1/4 definitions]
buoyant able to float or keep something else floating. [1/2 definitions]
busy to keep busy or occupied. [1/4 definitions]
cage a box or space closed in by wire or bars, used to keep and display animals or birds. [2/4 definitions]
can2 to put in a sealed jar to keep fresh for future use. [1/3 definitions]
cancel to mark, cross out, or change to keep from being used again. [1/2 definitions]
caulk to fill in cracks with putty or tar to keep air or water from leaking through.
chain to hold or keep in place with a chain. [1/5 definitions]
clutch1 to keep in a firm grasp; hold tightly; grip. [1/4 definitions]
coat a piece of outer clothing with long sleeves, usually worn to keep warm. [1/5 definitions]
conceal to hide or keep hidden from sight.
confidence trust that another will keep a secret. [1/3 definitions]
confine to keep within limits; restrict. [1/3 definitions]