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airtight keeping air in or out. [1/2 definitions]
apartheid a policy of keeping people of different races separate and unequal in a society.
away from a person's keeping or possession. [1/6 definitions]
balanced not going too far in any one extreme; keeping things in proper proportion. [1/2 definitions]
behind slower than expected or required; not keeping to the usual or necessary schedule. [1/7 definitions]
bookkeeping the practice of keeping records of the money taken in and paid out by a business.
case2 a container for holding, carrying, or keeping safe.
civilization an advanced state of development of a society as judged by such things as having a system of government and laws, using a written language, and keeping written records. [1/2 definitions]
cleanliness the condition of being clean, or not dirty; the habit of always keeping clean.
clerk a person who does office work, such as keeping records, finding information, filing, and making copies. [1/2 definitions]
conservation the act of keeping and protecting from waste, loss, or destruction. [1/2 definitions]
dashboard a panel below the windshield in a car or other vehicle. Dashboards have dials, controls, and spaces for keeping things.
engaged keeping a promise and plan of marriage.
exclusive keeping out all others. [1/2 definitions]
file1 a holder for keeping papers or other objects safe and in order. [1/6 definitions]
florist a person who works at growing, keeping, or arranging flowers and plants in order to sell them.
foam a lightweight, man-made material with many tiny air holes, used especially for packaging or for keeping things at a preferred temperature. [1/6 definitions]
habitual in keeping with habit; regular. [1/2 definitions]
hygiene the practice of keeping clean to stay healthy and prevent disease.
icebox a box that contains ice and is used for keeping food cold. [1/2 definitions]
larder a place or room for keeping or storing food, or the supply of food stored there.