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aquarium a tank or other container filled with water in which water animals and plants are kept. [2 definitions]
art room a room in a school where art is taught and where art materials are kept.
-bound a suffix that means "held back by" or "kept in." [1/2 definitions]
broken not kept or carried out; violated. [1/5 definitions]
canary a small yellow or greenish bird often kept as a pet. Canaries are native to the Canary Islands and are a kind of finch. [1/2 definitions]
cat1 a small, furry mammal with whiskers, short ears, and a long tail. Cats, also called house cats, are often kept as pets or to catch mice and rats. [2 definitions]
chinchilla a small mammal from the mountains of South America. Chinchillas are rodents closely related to guinea pigs. They have very soft fur and live in tunnels called burrows. Sometimes they are kept as pets.
custody kept in prison by the police. [1/2 definitions]
dairy case a large container in a store that is kept cold and is used for holding and displaying dairy products, such as milk, cheese, cream, and yogurt.
dog a furry animal with four legs, a pointed nose, and a tail. Their sharp teeth and claws are good for hunting small animals as food, but they also sometimes eat plant food. Dogs are mammals, closely related to coyotes, foxes, and wolves. There are many kinds or breeds of dogs, with a wide range of sizes and appearances. Some dogs are bred for special jobs, such as herding sheep. Dogs are often kept as pets. [1/2 definitions]
file1 the papers or other objects that are so kept. [1/6 definitions]
firehouse a building in which equipment for fighting fires is kept and where firefighters meet; fire station.
fire station a place where firefighters stay and where fire trucks and things to fight fires are kept.
flock1 a group of animals or birds of one kind that stay or are kept together, such as geese or sheep. [1/3 definitions]
fold2 an area within a fence or wall where sheep or other animals are kept.
gerbil a very small rodent that looks like a mouse with a furry tail. Gerbils live in burrows in the deserts of Africa and Asia. They are often kept as pets.
goldfish a small fish that lives in fresh water. Goldfish are usually yellow or orange and are often kept in ponds or aquariums.
guppy a small fish that lives in fresh water in South America and the West Indies. Guppies have bright colors and are often kept in aquariums.
hamster a very small mammal with a round body, short tail, and large pouches in its cheeks. Hamsters are rodents that live in burrows and come out at night to find food. They are often kept as pets or used in scientific experiments. Different kinds of wild hamsters live in Europe, Africa, and Asia.
hidden placed out of sight; kept from view or from knowledge.
honeybee a bee that makes honey from the nectar of flowers. Honeybees are often kept in beehives.