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anaconda a very large snake found in South America. Anacondas are not poisonous but kill other animals by squeezing them until they cannot breathe. Anacondas can grow to over twenty feet long.
boa constrictor a large snake that lives in the tropical areas of Central and South America. Boa constrictors are pale brown with darker marks and are not poisonous. They kill their prey by winding around it and squeezing it until it cannot breathe.
bullfight a public show held in an arena in which performers first tease and tire out a bull, and then one person using a cape to draw the bull near tries to kill it with a sword. Bullfighting is popular in Spain and Mexico.
butcher to kill or cut meat to make ready for sale. [1/3 definitions]
deadly aiming to destroy or kill. [1/3 definitions]
disinfect to clean in order to kill or remove germs.
do away with to kill. [1/2 definitions]
drown to kill by drowning. [1/2 definitions]
electrocute to kill by electricity.
fell2 to strike down or kill in a fight or battle. [1/2 definitions]
hang to kill by fastening a rope tied around the neck to a point above and removing all support. [1/5 definitions]
hunt to set out to find and kill (game animals) for food or as a sport. [1/5 definitions]
insecticide a poison used to kill insects.
iodine a mixture of iodine, compounds of iodine, and alcohol, which can be put on cuts to kill germs and stop infections. [1/2 definitions]
killer whale a black and white, toothed whale. Killer whales kill and eat seals and large fish.
massacre to kill in great numbers in a cruel manner. [1/2 definitions]
mongoose a mammal related to the ferret, known for its ability to kill poisonous snakes.
murder to kill a person in a way that is deliberate or cruel. [1/2 definitions]
pasteurize to heat for a certain length of time. Food and drinks are pasteurized in order to kill most of the harmful bacteria.
pesticide a chemical substance used to kill insects that harm plants and crops.
poison a substance that can kill or seriously harm living beings if it is swallowed, breathed, or otherwise taken in. [2/5 definitions]