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angel a person who has great goodness and kindness. [1/2 definitions]
callous not having kindness; not sensitive; having a hard heart. [1/2 definitions]
charity the quality of not judging others in a harsh way; kindness; good will. [1/3 definitions]
cold-blooded done without kindness or other feelings; cruel. [1/2 definitions]
courtesy a kindness or favor. [1/2 definitions]
good kindness; virtue. [1/12 definitions]
grateful feeling thankful or showing thanks for kindness or something pleasing.
hard without kindness or softness. [1/9 definitions]
heartless having or showing no kindness or sympathy; not sharing another's pain.
humane showing kindness or mercy.
kindly showing or having kindness. [1/3 definitions]
pet1 a person who is treated better than others or with special kindness; favorite. [1/4 definitions]
tender1 showing love or kindness in a gentle way. [1/4 definitions]
warm full of kindness; friendly. [1/8 definitions]
warmth kindness; friendliness. [1/2 definitions]