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bow2 a knot that is easy to loosen. Bows have two or more loops and are used to tie shoes and wrap gifts. [1/4 definitions]
kink a sore muscle that feels like it is in a knot. [1/4 definitions]
knot1 the place where a branch grows out of the trunk of a tree. When wood is cut into boards, the knot looks like a dark spot. [3/6 definitions]
knothole a hole in a piece of lumber from which a knot has come out.
noose a loop that passes through a knot in the end of a rope or other line. When the rope is pulled, the loop becomes smaller.
pretzel a thin, crisp food that is like a cracker. A pretzel is shaped into a knot or stick, and then baked and salted.
tie to fasten by pulling together the sides or parts of and making a knot with a string. [2/9 definitions]