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biennial lasting two years. [1/5 definitions]
capture to put into a lasting form; preserve. [1/3 definitions]
durable not easily broken or worn out; lasting; sturdy.
eternal having no beginning or end; lasting always and forever. [1/2 definitions]
fleeting passing quickly; very brief; lasting only a moment.
heartbroken filled with deep and sometimes lasting sorrow or grief.
immortal lasting forever in memory or in fame. [1/2 definitions]
impressed having a strong, lasting, or positive feeling about someone or something as a response to having met or encountered that person or thing.
impressive having a lasting effect on the mind or feelings; making a strong impression.
imprint a lasting effect. [1/4 definitions]
literature writings that have lasting value. Literature includes stories, poems, plays, and essays. [1/2 definitions]
longing a strong and lasting desire.
momentary lasting only a moment.
monthly lasting for a month. [1/4 definitions]
oak a tough, lasting wood that comes from a tree that belongs to the beech family and bears acorns. [1/2 definitions]
overnight lasting or staying one night. [1/5 definitions]
passing lasting a short time; involving little or brief attention; temporary. [1/5 definitions]
perennial lasting throughout the year or for many years. [1/4 definitions]
permanent lasting or meant to last for a very long time; everlasting. [1/2 definitions]
perpetual lasting forever. [2/3 definitions]
persistent continuing, lasting, or holding on in a firm, steady way. [2 definitions]