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amuse to cause to smile or laugh. [1/2 definitions]
cackle to laugh or speak with such a sound. [1/4 definitions]
cartoon a drawing or series of drawings that make people laugh or think; comic strip. Cartoons often have words to show what a character is thinking or saying or to help explain what is happening. [1/2 definitions]
chuckle to laugh softly or in a quiet manner. [2 definitions]
clown an actor who wears odd clothes and makeup to make people laugh. Clowns act out jokes and do tricks in circuses, at parties, and at other events. [1/3 definitions]
comedian a person who entertains by telling jokes and acting in a way that makes people laugh.
comic a person who is paid to make people laugh; comedian. [1/3 definitions]
explosion a laugh, cry, or yell that is sudden and loud. [1/2 definitions]
giggle to laugh in a silly or nervous way. [2 definitions]
howl (informal) to laugh very loudly and with much energy. [1/4 definitions]
humor a quality that makes people laugh or feel amused. [1/4 definitions]
joke a short story, usually with a funny ending, that is told to make people laugh. [2/3 definitions]
loon1 a large black and white water bird with a call that sounds like a loud laugh.
make fun of to laugh at; mock.
ridicule to make fun of or laugh at in an unkind way. [1/2 definitions]
roar to laugh loudly. [1/4 definitions]
scoff to laugh at, mock, or criticize scornfully (often followed by "at").
snicker to laugh in a sly and partly restrained way. [1/2 definitions]