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accessory a person who helps another person break the law but does not actually commit the crime. [1/2 definitions]
accomplice a person who helps another person break the law or do something wrong.
acquit to free from a charge of breaking the law; declare not guilty.
act a law. [1/9 definitions]
adopt to become a parent of (a child) by law, or to accept an animal as a pet and become responsible for it. [1/3 definitions]
adoption the act of adopting a child or being adopted by law.
amend to change or add to a law, contract, or other document.
amendment an official change made to a bill, law, or other document.
anarchy a complete lack of government or law within a country or society. [1/2 definitions]
arrest to seize and hold or imprison for breaking the law. [2/4 definitions]
authority (usually plural) people who have this right or power by law. [1/3 definitions]
ban1 a law or rule that prohibits. [1/2 definitions]
bankrupt not able to pay money owed and free by law from having to pay. [1/2 definitions]
bill1 a proposed law that has not yet been voted on. [1/4 definitions]
bind to force to do something by law or a sense of duty. [1/4 definitions]
bound1 held to by law or duty. [1/4 definitions]
breach an act of breaking a law or promise. [1/4 definitions]
case1 a charge or complaint against someone that is investigated in a court of law; a lawsuit. [1/5 definitions]
Christmas this day as a holiday according to the law. It is a time for sending greetings and giving gifts. [1/2 definitions]
citizen a person who is a member of a country either because of being born there or being declared a member by law. [1/2 definitions]
commandment an order or law. [1/2 definitions]