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bend to lean one's upper body from the waist (often followed by "over", "forward", or "back"). [1/5 definitions]
lean-to a shelter that has one side that slopes up and serves as both a wall and a roof. The sloping side is supported by something like logs or posts. A lean-to is often open on the other ends or sides.
list2 (used to describe ships or boats) to lean to one side. [1/2 definitions]
prop1 to rest or lean on for support. [1/3 definitions]
spare thin; lean. [1/12 definitions]
stake1 to tie to or lean against a stake in order to give support. [1/4 definitions]
thin having little flesh; lean. [1/9 definitions]
tilt to lean to one side; slant. [1/4 definitions]
tip2 to lean; slant; tilt. [1/6 definitions]