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bound2 to leap; spring. [2 definitions]
buck2 of an animal, to leap off the ground and come down with stiff front legs. [1/3 definitions]
caper1 to leap, hop, or skip about in a playful way; frolic. [2/3 definitions]
catapult to spring up or forward as though thrown by a catapult; leap. [1/4 definitions]
February the second month of the year. February usually has twenty-eight days, but it has twenty-nine days in a leap year.
frisk to leap or skip in a lively and happy way. [1/2 definitions]
hop1 to make a short, quick leap or leaps. [3/4 definitions]
hurdle a barrier over which a runner or horse must leap in the course of certain races. [3/4 definitions]
jump to leap into the air. [3/11 definitions]
leap to move or act suddenly or quickly with, or as though with, a leap. [1/3 definitions]
leapt a past tense and past participle of leap.
lunge a sudden movement toward something; thrust, leap, or dive. [2 definitions]
pole vault an athletic event in which a person uses a long pole to leap over a bar set high above the ground.
stride (often plural) a forward leap; progress. [1/3 definitions]
vault2 to jump, leap, or spring over, using the hands or a pole as a support. [2 definitions]