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abandon to leave behind with no plan to return or take possession again; desert. [1/3 definitions]
bow out to stop taking part in an activity; leave or resign.
depart to leave; go away.
deport to make a person leave a country.
desert2 to leave behind even though it is one's duty to stay; abandon.
drop to give up or leave out. [1/9 definitions]
electrode a part of an electric or electronic device. An electrode allows electric current to enter or leave a device such as a battery.
eliminate to decide to leave out; remove from the set of choices. [1/2 definitions]
emigrate to leave one country or region in order to settle in another.
evacuate to leave or to empty of people for safety reasons. [1/2 definitions]
evict to legally force to leave a rented property.
exclude to leave out; keep out.
exit to go out; leave. [1/3 definitions]
forget to leave behind without meaning to. [1/3 definitions]
forsake to leave or desert. [1/2 definitions]
get out to leave or be let out (often followed by of). [1/2 definitions]
go1 to move away from a place; leave. [1/16 definitions]
infinitive the simple form of a verb that has no subject and does not show past, present or future tense. It is usually formed by the word "to" followed by the base form of a verb. In the sentence, "I want to leave now," "to leave" is an infinitive.
left2 past tense and past participle of leave1.
linger to remain or be slow to leave.
maroon2 to leave on an island or coast, far from other people; abandon.