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aperture an opening that controls the amount of light that reaches the lens on a camera. [1/2 definitions]
cataract a clouding of the lens of the eye, blocking out light and making it difficult or impossible to see. [1/2 definitions]
contact lens a thin, plastic lens that is worn on the eyeball to correct vision or change the color of the eyes.
focus An adjustment that gives a clear image of things viewed through a lens. [1/6 definitions]
lens a piece of clear material such as glass that bends light rays passing through it. The surface of a lens is curved to bend light rays toward or away from a central point. [2/3 definitions]
magnifying glass a lens that makes objects seen through it appear larger.
microscope an instrument that uses a lens to make very small objects larger so that they can be seen by the eye.
shutter a device that opens and closes the lens of a camera. The shutter opens to let light onto the film when a picture is taken. [1/2 definitions]