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let up to stop or become lesser.
panda a mammal that has red-brown fur and a long, bushy tail with rings on it. They are closely related to giant pandas, but are smaller and look more like a raccoon. They are also called red pandas or lesser pandas, and they live in southern Asia. [1/2 definitions]
Roman numeral a letter used as a number in the ancient Roman number system. The letter I equals 1, V equals 5, X equals 10, L equals 50, C equals 100, D equals 500, and M equals 1,000. In this system, a letter followed by one of equal or lesser value means the two are added; seven is VII, or 5+1+1. A letter followed by one of greater value means that the first is subtracted from the second; four hundred is CD, or 500-100.
subordinate to put in a position of lesser rank or importance; make less important than (often followed by "to"). [1/3 definitions]