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admit to let in; allow to enter. [1/2 definitions]
allow to let; permit. [1/2 definitions]
bias an opinion or liking that does not let one be fair; prejudice. [1/3 definitions]
blowhole a vent to let out air or gases. [1/3 definitions]
blow over to let up; lessen or subside.
breathe to draw air into the lungs and let it out. [1/2 definitions]
burp (informal) to let gas out from the mouth in a loud manner. [2/3 definitions]
bus stop a place along a bus route where the bus will stop to let people get on or off the bus.
click in computing, to press and let go of the button on a mouse in order to carry out an action on the screen, such as moving the cursor or opening a program (often followed by "on"). [1/7 definitions]
dangle to let something hang or swing loosely. [1/2 definitions]
doorbell a bell on an outside door that is rung by a person who wants to be let inside.
drip to let drops flow downward. [1/4 definitions]
drool to let saliva run from the mouth.
drop to let fall. [1/9 definitions]
excuse to let go from duty or obligation. [1/5 definitions]
fire to let go or dismiss from a job. [1/9 definitions]
forgive to give up or let go of anger against. [1/2 definitions]
get out to leave or be let out (often followed by of). [1/2 definitions]
heave to let out loudly or with difficulty. [1/6 definitions]
leave1 to let remain. [3/5 definitions]
leave alone to let alone; not disturb. [1/2 definitions]