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adolescence the period in a person's life between childhood and adulthood.
adulthood the part of life when a person is grown up; the adult years.
age a particular time or stage in life. [2/8 definitions]
alien a living being from another planet; extraterrestrial. There is no evidence that aliens exist, but many people believe there is life on other planets. [1/5 definitions]
alive having life; living. [1/3 definitions]
amphibian a small animal that spends part of its life cycle in water and part of its life cycle on land. Amphibians hatch in water and breathe with gills. Then they develop lungs so the adults can breathe air. Amphibians are cold-blooded animals with skeletons inside their bodies. Frogs, toads, and salamanders are amphibians. [1/2 definitions]
animate to bring to life. [1/6 definitions]
archaeology the study of past human life. An archaeologist digs up and then studies objects such as pottery, tools, and buildings.
autobiography the story of a person's life written or told by that person.
baby tooth one of the first set of teeth in human babies and other mammals. Baby teeth fall out early in life to be replaced by adult teeth.
benefit an object, action, or sum of money that improves someone's life; aid. [1/4 definitions]
biennial having a life cycle of two years. [2/5 definitions]
biography the written story of the facts and events of a person's life.
biological having to do with living things and their life processes. [1/2 definitions]
biology the science that studies the growth and life processes of living things.
born brought into life by birth. [1/3 definitions]
boyhood the state or period of life when one is a boy.
career the work a person chooses to do through life.
caterpillar the larva, or middle life stage, of a moth or butterfly. Caterpillars are round and long like worms, but have six legs. They may be brightly colored.
cell a tiny unit of plant or animal life, having a nucleus and surrounded by a very thin membrane. [1/4 definitions]
civilian of civil life or civilians; not of the military or police. [1/2 definitions]