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-able a suffix that means "likely to." [1/3 definitions]
adhesive able or likely to stick to something; clinging. [1/2 definitions]
apt likely. [1/3 definitions]
catching likely to infect or be passed on to another.
chance a measure of how likely it is that a thing will happen; probability. [1/8 definitions]
contradictory likely to oppose or argue. [1/2 definitions]
critical likely to find fault. [1/3 definitions]
dangerous likely to cause harm; not safe.
daresay suppose or think likely.
dire causing, likely to cause, or involving terror or suffering. [1/2 definitions]
distinct very likely. [1/3 definitions]
doubtful not likely; not probable. [1/3 definitions]
enemy something likely to cause harm or injury. [1/3 definitions]
expect to know in advance or believe certain or likely to happen. [1/5 definitions]
expectation a belief that something is likely to happen. [1/2 definitions]
expected thought likely or certain to happen.
favorite a person or animal thought to be the most likely winner of a game or sport. [1/3 definitions]
fear to have a feeling that something unwanted is likely to happen or is likely to be true; suspect. [1/4 definitions]
fearful causing or likely to cause fear. [1/2 definitions]
fishy (informal) seeming not to be true or likely. [1/3 definitions]
flirt a person who is likely to flirt or who flirts often. [1/2 definitions]