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agenda a list of things to be done or talked about.
bibliography a list of titles about a certain subject. [2 definitions]
bill1 a written list showing the cost of items bought or services provided. [2/4 definitions]
calendar a list of important events arranged in the order in which they happen; schedule. [1/2 definitions]
catalog an organized list of things such as book titles, goods for sale, or other items. Catalogs usually give a short description of each item on the list. [2 definitions]
column a vertical list or row. [1/4 definitions]
comma a punctuation mark (,). It is used to separate words, phrases, or other parts of a sentence or list, or to show a pause in speech. It is also used when writing numbers of one thousand or greater to mark off groups of three digits.
count1 to list or name one by one in order to find the total. [2/8 definitions]
cross to mark off or scratch out from a list (usually followed by "out" or "off"). [1/10 definitions]
directory a list of names and addresses of people or businesses.
enter to write on a list; type into a computer. [1/7 definitions]
entry something that is added to a written list or record. [1/4 definitions]
formula a list of ingredients or steps; recipe. [1/5 definitions]
glossary a list of unusual or difficult words and their meanings connected with a particular subject or particular piece of writing. A glossary is often placed at the end of a book.
index an alphabetical list of subjects, names, or other information in a book, with page numbers given for each item. [1/2 definitions]
inventory a complete list of things on hand or in a particular place. [2 definitions]
item a single, particular thing in a group or list. [1/2 definitions]
key1 a list that gives an explanation of codes or symbols. [1/6 definitions]
list1 to put into a list. [1/2 definitions]
menu a list of foods served at a restaurant.
payroll a list of those who are to be paid by an employer and the amount of money due to each. [1/2 definitions]