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combination a series of numbers used to open a lock. [1/2 definitions]
fasten to close firmly or cause to stay closed with a lock, buttons, or other fastener. [1/3 definitions]
keyhole a hole in a lock into which a key is put to lock and unlock it.
latch to lock or fasten with a latch. [1/2 definitions]
lock1 part of a canal that is closed off with gates in order to change the level of water in an area. A lock lets a ship move safely from one level of water to another. [2/5 definitions]
locket a small metal case that holds a picture or a lock of hair. It is usually worn on a chain around the neck.
padlock a lock with a bar shaped like a U used to fasten doors, boxes, or cables. One end of the bar moves on a hinge. The other end of the bar is slipped through a ring before being snapped into the body of the lock. [1/2 definitions]
safe a strong metal box with a lock, used for keeping money and valuable things secure. [1/4 definitions]
trunk a large, strong container, often with a lock, used to store or transport goods; chest. [1/6 definitions]
unlock to open the lock of by turning a key or mechanism. [1/3 definitions]
zipper a fastener made up of two rows of teeth that lock together and a slide pull that either joins them or pulls them apart. Zippers are used on clothing, handbags, and other articles.